American Training Center partners with Congreso to provide a new option for aspiring Latinx healthcare professionals in Philadelphia

The American Training Center partners with the Congreso de Latinos Unidos to provide a way to better serve the growing Latinx population in the Philadelphia area.

The New Jersey-based organization is expanding to the Philadelphia area by launching its first class of Certified Physician Assistants in the city. Between 50 and 70 students are expected to graduate in 2022, many of whom are bilingual, English and Spanish speakers.

With the Latinx community making up 18.5% of the population in Philadelphia, this new partnership with Congreso will meet a growing need across the city.

“When I first heard about the Congreso de Latinos Unidos, I felt so in tune with the mission of supporting the economic growth and well-being of the Latino community,” said Lorenzo McFadden, Vice -president of the American Training Center, in a statement.

Some of the key areas the partnership will seek to address include mental health and self-care techniques – two areas that have led to higher burnout rates and staff shortages since the start of the pandemic.

“We don’t just teach the basics and send people on their way; we help them find the right place to start their new career and give them the tools they need for long-term success, like workforce-focused mental health strategies and self-care techniques,” added McFadden.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 104,000 Physician Assistant positions are planned nationwide each year on average, over the next decade. Additionally, the federal government expects the number of jobs in the field to grow by 18% by 2030, which is a much faster than average growth rate than many other professions.

Philadelphia is also home to one of the highest employment levels for medical assistants in the nation.

“Students are so eager to learn, engaged and ready to get started,” instructor Dana Parks said in a statement. “As an educator, the most exciting part of my job is watching them embark on an exciting new career that changes their lives in so many ways.”

More bilingual and Spanish-speaking certified medical assistants can serve as essential lifelines to meet the challenges and needs of the Spanish-speaking population here in Philadelphia, especially amid the burnout crisis and related staffing shortages. to the pandemic.

The American Training Center’s CMA program offers a number of hands-on training activities, in which physician assistants work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, laboratories, diagnostic screening facilities, practices rehabilitation, colleges, universities, etc.

Students also receive training and certifications in phlebotomy and ECG.

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Milton S. Rodgers