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Gleason’s Gym is all about boxing, and over the years their reach has grown dramatically. Now white-collar workers train alongside accomplished professionals, and the gym also stays busy and relevant with events like an amateur fight night once a month, as well as classes for people who want to learn more about the science. gentle.

Such as…

On June 9, the famous and legendary combat factory, supervised by enterpeneur Bruce Glade-d’Argent, will host a clinic that will help teach the art and science of boxing to personal trainers. From June 9 to 10, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., personal trainers can learn to use the hands in concert with the feet and learn about soft science.

here’s how the two-day session is described on the Gleason website:

Gleason’s Boxing Certification Clinic is designed to educate fitness professionals, boxing coaches, and boxing and fitness enthusiasts in the field of boxing and to help them understand and gain the knowledge behind real boxing. .

The course will provide the knowledge, understanding, skills and hands-on training necessary to structure safe and effective boxing for lessons and rain sessions with your own clients in a private or group setting.

Come train with Hall of Fame champions, world champions, top boxing contenders and world class coaches at legendary Gleason’s Gym. Over the course of two days, you will participate in intensive boxing talks, coaching sessions, ring crafting, sparring and training drills.

“It’s Saturday and Sunday, and it’s cheaper than most places. Gleason’s Gym is always a good deal, ”Silerglade told me.

The cost is $ 369, and for this, participants will receive a certificate of passage.

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