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The Forward Airlift Tactical Training Center at Rosecrans Memorial Airport held a special ceremony Friday afternoon to recognize the promotion of new leadership.

Col. Barrett Golden is sworn in as the new training center commander, a post that comes after a decade of service at Rosecrans.

The promotion is an honor but also carries great importance, Golden said.

“It’s pretty amazing, but we are an organization unlike any other C-130 flying wing in the whole country,” he said. “The fact that the Advanced Airlift Training Tactics Center teaches advanced tactics, is involved in rescue tactics and has a real global impact… becomes a great burden and a great pressure to deal with in this situation. “

In addition to the US servicemen who pass through the training center, there are also trainees who come from 19 allied nations.

It’s surreal to be a part of so many interacting cultures and technologies, Golden said. His involvement also gives him the opportunity to travel to foreign bases, such as when Golden recently traveled to visit an air base in France.

“We realize that we cannot unilaterally engage in some future battles,” he said. “Absolutely, we have to do it with common partners. We have to do it with allied partners, so it’s amazing to be able to go and see how they do things culturally, not only on their planes but in their lives. “

He steps into the role previously filled by Col. DeAnna Franks, who spent three years as a commanding officer.

It was a continuous learning process, Franks said.

“Coming into the family made up of our tactical gods and goddesses, I really had to learn and gain the pride that you have,” she said. “I will say that when I arrived in 2018 it started with the 35th anniversary of our school. It was one of the first events I attended, and it’s where I learned about the story that we have been carrying on for 39 years now.

Franks will take command of the Colorado Air Force Base Operations Group.

Milton S. Rodgers

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